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Im using the following code to send mail from my php script running on my ubuntu server.

$to = "<receipients_email_id_here>";
$subject = "Hello";
$txt = "<Message Body>";
$headers = "From: Site Name <>\r\n";
$headers .= "Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1\r\n";

    print "Sent";
    print "Failed";

When user receives the mail he sees "Site Name <>" in the from field. I would like the from field to just show "Site Name" and also i want to add a hyperlink to it to point to my website. Is this possible to do from the php code ?

Please Help Thank You

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I think this is related to the settings on the receiver's client software.

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Agree with @Ahmad Hajjar and I think hiperlink it's not possible or spammers will love it!

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