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I retrieve data from a mysql database. I want to make this data available as json:

    $data = array();

    foreach($this->dataFromDb as $value){
        $data[] = $value;

    $json = json_encode($data);

    echo $json;

Unfortunately this produces null values in the json because e.g. $value['title'] may contain non utf-8 chars like €. To solve this I change this line.

$data[] = array_map(utf8_encode, $value);

But now I have strings like \u00 or \u0080 in the json output. How would I get my normal text like it is stored in db from the json? When I try


I again get strange chars like für 599,95€.

Any ideas?

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You also have to utf8_decode() the data:


    $data = array();
    $arr[] = 'a';
    $arr[] = "\x80";


    $data[] = array_map(utf8_encode, $arr);

    $json = json_encode($data);

    $decoded_json =  json_decode($json);


    $decoded_data[] = array_map(utf8_decode, $decoded_json[0] );

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Use iconv to convert between charsets.

iconv("UTF-8", "CP1252", $data)
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Use utf-8 charset per connection to the database.

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