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Can Android Adobe Air download SWF files with code? In my flash Web application I can download code for some sub game and run it dynamically. Now I need to write application for Android with Adobe AIR and leave the same functionality as in Web version, so can I download swf file from internet and then start it via Adobe AIR?? Thanx!

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It is possible to download and run SWF files, but with some restriction: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/security/WS485a42d56cd196415cc29732124ef23decb-7ffa.html We have no access to file system. There can be two solutions: http://blogs.adobe.com/emalasky/2008/04/remote_plugins.html 1) Use Sandbox Brigde API (to communicate between separate sandboxes) 2) Sign modules and import it directly to application sandbox

Additional resource: http://www.hufkens.net/2008/09/loading-remote-swf-files-in-air/

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