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We are using NetBeans (6.9.1) and Subversion. On my local machine, I have dozens of locally modified files. However, the problem is that I never modified those file! At least not that I can tell. I mean, I didn't open the file and change anything in them.

Now, when I do a Update it won't pull down the changes. When I do a diff, I get this as the BASE file:

<property name="transactiontype" type="string">
    <column name="transactiontype" length="25" />

And this as the "locally modified file"

<property name="transactiontype" type="string">
    <column name="transactiontype" />

Notice it's missing the length attribute. That is just one of many examples. The remote is correct. But update does nothing. I even tried to revert changes to the last commit. Still the same.

How can I tell NB/Subversion to destroy my local file with whatever is in the remote? I'm afraid that if I do it manually I might mess up the remote.


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Anyway, the answer was to completely wipe my project off (after a backup) and re-import the whole thing. Not sure why it the changes wouldn't be pulled down.

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