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I have an array called prices and another called orderT I want to check if it's of a certain orderType then I do certain transactions with prices[i] if it's a different type then another transaction (only 2 types of orders).

So far I can iterate through prices (using accounting.js plugin):

function processTotal(){
        var prices = $('.prices');
        var orderT = $('.orderType');
        var total = 0;
        $.each(prices, function(i, e){
            total += accounting.unformat(prices[i].textContent);

        total = parseFloat(total);
        $('#sum').text(accounting.formatMoney(total, "€", 2, ".", ","));

the prices part works very well, but I can't figure how to also go over the orderT to check.


orderT and prices are related and are in a table, I can't post all the table as it is quite big but it's basically:

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Use a normal for loop? – Jack Sep 6 '11 at 13:37
tried it, weird things happen, but maybe I was just doing something wrong? – Tsundoku Sep 6 '11 at 13:40
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Try this(assuming the number of .prices is same as .orderType):

$.each(prices, function(i, e){             
    var orderType = orderT [i];
    if(orderType.textContent == "2"){
        //Do Something
    } else {
        //total += accounting.unformat(prices[i].textContent);         
        //Do Something

Looks like the .price and .orderType are related. If you can post the HTML, this code can be improved to use the siblings/other selectors to access .price and corresponding .orderType

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