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I'm developing multi language reports using BIRT, i've translated almost everything in my report except some Report Parameters property like :

  • Prompt Text
  • Help Text

I want to translate also Report title property but it seems also impossible to do ...

In the parameter definition i can't find a way to use a string coming from dictionary list , Is there a way to bind this two properties to a dictionary key ?

In the below screenshot the report element that i want to translate :

  • Report Parameter Properties : Report Parameter Property Editor

  • Report Title : Report Title Element

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  1. Create a Parameter
  2. Change to "Data Explorer"-View
  3. Mark your Parameter
  4. Open "Property Editor"-View and select "Localization"
  5. Set "Prompt text key" and "Help text key"
  6. Create *.properties files, one for every language (e.g., for englisch and france) and fill it with your (dictionary-) keys and the translated text
  7. Link your report to your *.properties resource files:
    • select your report file in "Navigator"-View and open it with "Report Editor"
    • select "Layout"-Tab in "Report Editor"
    • Open "Property Editor"-View
    • click in your report to select the properties of your report
    • select in "Property Editor"-View "Resources"
    • set the name of your poperties, in the above example "Resource File" would be named "myProp"

PS: I made screenshots of it but stackoverflow doesn't allow me to post images because of my low reputation :(

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