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I have a Kohana select field whose output looks like this:

<select id="section" name="section">
    <option value="">please choose</option>
    <option value="Board of Directors">Board of Directors</option>
    <option value="Central Office &amp; Staff">Central Office &amp; Staff</option>
    <option value="Executive Committee">Executive Committee</option>

Notice that the section option contains an &amp;. When I have a record whose section value is Central Ofice & Staff, my select field just reads "please choose" instead of having Central Office & Staff selected. This happens even when I change Central Office & Staff to Central Office &amp; Staff in an effort to make the fields match.

It seems like this must be a common problem. How to I make the select field behave properly?

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Change to

<option value="Central Office & Staff">Central Office &amp; Staff</option>  

This is because &amp; works only for HTML, so the value from URL/DB will not match.
By the way - this would not happen if you used Form::select helper ;)

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It seems to me that that would work. Unfortunately it looks like Kohana is automatically escaping all entities no matter what I feed into the select field. Maybe I should look into Form::select. – Jason Swett Sep 6 '11 at 16:17
The select field is being created via $form->addField('section', 'select', array(.... I don't know if that's just another way of doing the same thing or not. (I don't really use Kohana.) – Jason Swett Sep 6 '11 at 16:25
You're probably using 3rd party module for creating forms. Try to look for an update or extend the module method addField and correct it. – matino Sep 7 '11 at 6:24

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