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I have used Three20 and created thumbnail photo view using TTThumbViewController. I have successfully displayed the images in thumbnail view. Now I want to add more images from the server,so I need a "load more " button at the bottom of the view ,or when the page scrolls to the bottom,it will load more images automaticly. Thank you very much!

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Try this in your Photosource class

- (void)load:(TTURLRequestCachePolicy)cachePolicy more:(BOOL)more {

if (more) {


NSString *Page =  [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%lu", (unsigned long)page];

NSString *url = [@"http:/" stringByAppendingString:Page];

NSLog(@"ALPhotoSource url: %@", url);

TTURLRequest* request = [TTURLRequest requestWithURL:url delegate:self];

request.cachePolicy = cachePolicy;

// sets the response
request.response = responseProcessor;

request.httpMethod = @"GET";

// Dispatch the request.
[request send];


Hope this Helps!

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