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I have VideoView instance. I need to know video source path from it.

Is it possible? Can anybody help me?

My code from WebChromeClient class is:

public void onShowCustomView(final View view, final CustomViewCallback callback) {
    super.onShowCustomView(view, callback);

    if (view instanceof FrameLayout) {
        final FrameLayout frame = (FrameLayout) view;
        if (frame.getFocusedChild() instanceof VideoView) {
            // get video view

            video = (VideoView) frame.getFocusedChild();

How to get video source path fron video object ?

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VideoView doesn't have getters for video path/Uri. Your only change is to use reflection. The Uri is stored in private Uri mUri. To access it you can use:

Uri mUri = null;
try {
    Field mUriField = VideoView.class.getDeclaredField("mUri");
    mUri = (Uri)mUriField.get(video);
} catch(Exception e) {}

Just bear in mind that a private field might be subject to change in future Android releases.

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Tomik, thanks a lot!!! It is really interesting solution. it's a pity that's the VideoView don't have public getter for this field –  ihrupin Sep 7 '11 at 8:22
You deserve some kind of award. Nicely done. –  javaJoe Nov 21 '12 at 19:42

You can override the setVideoUriMethod in the VideoView if you do not like using private methods like this:

public class MyVideoView extends VideoView 
    Uri uri;

    public void setVideoURI (Uri uri)
        this.uri = uri;

Now you can access the uri of the videoview as needed. Hope that helps.

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