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I am writing the app and I have the following scenario: First i show an Acitivty and I show a ProgressDialog while loading data from a Server. I do the loading task in a Thread because I found this to be a solution so that the Dialog is shown correctly


loadListThread = new  Thread(new Runnable(){
        public void run(){



After the Thread is finished I notify a Handler. Again this is a solution I found for the problem to access Views in the activity without being in the Thread anymore

loadingFinishedHandler = new Handler(){
        public void handleMessage(Message msg){

After loading is finished, I check whether I received data correctly. If not, i want to show an error dialog:


I call the dialogs with the onCreateDialog method

public Dialog onCreateDialog(int dialogId){
    case DIALOG_LOAD:
        String message = getString(R.string.load);
        ProgressDialog loadDialog = new ProgressDialog(this);
        return loadDialog;
    case DIALOG_ERROR:
        String message = getString(R.string.error);
        AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
        builder.setNeutralButton(getString(R.string.ok), null);

        return builder.create();
    return null;

And here is the problem: If I change the Orientation of my phone while data is loading and an error dialog shall be created afterwards, I get this message

Activity [...] has leaked window [...] that was originally added here

I understand why this is happening. The View has been re-created, when i rotated my phone and showDialog() is obviously trying to access the old one. But I do not know how to fix it.

Does anyone has an idea?

Edit: solved it :-) I found out that I can prevent my Activity from restarting on orientation change. I read about it in this article Handling Runtime Changes

I declared in the AndroidManifest by adding


that i handle orientation changes by myself. These changes can now be handled with this method

public void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig){

But for my case it was not necessary to add any code!

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public Dialog onCreateDialog(int dialogId){
return null;)}...
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No that does not work... :-( – Jay Sep 7 '11 at 7:20

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