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I have a web page with checkbox list to choose multiple crystal reports to view. I want to open these reports in new tabs or windows. I tried this :

This is the show report button:

<asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Show Report" OnClick="ButtonShowReport_Click"
                        CssClass="button" OnClientClick="aspnetForm.target ='_blank';"/>

And this is my gridview control:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" CellPadding="4" ForeColor="#333333" 
       RowStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" AutoGenerateColumns="False" 
       <RowStyle BackColor="#>
           <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Choose Client's Accounts">
                    <asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server"/>
           <asp:TemplateField Visible="false">
                    <asp:Label id="lblAccountId" runat ="server" text='<%# Eval("AccountID")%>'>
           <asp:BoundField DataField="AccountID" HeaderText="AccountID" Visible="false"/>
           <asp:BoundField DataField="AccountName" HeaderText="Account Name" />
           <asp:BoundField DataField="Name" HeaderText="Client Name" />
       <FooterStyle BackColor="#507CD1" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
       <PagerStyle BackColor="#2461BF" ForeColor="White" HorizontalAlign="Center" />
       <SelectedRowStyle BackColor="#D1DDF1" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="#333333" />
       <HeaderStyle BackColor="#507CD1" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />
       <EditRowStyle BackColor="#2461BF" />
       <AlternatingRowStyle BackColor="White" />

My c# code looks like:

protected void ButtonShowReport_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string accountID;
        int Rows = GridView1.Rows.Count;
        for (int i = 0; i < Rows; i++)
            //CheckBoxField cb = ((CheckBoxField)gvASH.Rows[i].Cells[1]).;
            CheckBox cb = (CheckBox)GridView1.Rows[i].Cells[0].FindControl("CheckBox1");
            if (cb.Checked == true)
                accountID = ((Label)GridView1.Rows[i].FindControl("lblAccountID")).Text;//GridView1.DataKeys[i].Value.ToString();//GridView1.Rows[i].Cells[1].Text;
                //Button2.Enabled = true;

    protected void openReport(string accountID)
        //some code for setting parameters of the crystal report
        //and for creating report key


So if the user checked 2 reports and clicked on the ShowReport button, it'll do the loop but opens only one new tab with the last report chosen ...

Any Suggestions please ??

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Add this to the control which triggers the redirect. I know this works for Buttons/LinkButtons, not sure if it will work on a checkbox though.

OnClientClick="aspnetForm.target ='_blank';"
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thanks for replying ... Actually I added it and it opens the crystal report correctly in a new tab. the problem is that only the last checked report opens in that page, while I need that more than one report open at the same time in more than one tab –  Fodjy Sep 6 '11 at 15:10

One method you might consider:

Instead of doing the Redirect to each report inside the code behind - dynamically generate some JavaScript that has uses window.open for each report. The javascript would look similar to this:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.open("<report1URL>", "_blank");
window.open("<report2URL>", "_blank");
window.open("<reportNURL>", "_blank");

Then, instead of doing a Response.Redirect, you should be able to do a Respone.Write() to get the browser to execute the code.

string myJavaScript= <dynamicallyGenerateJavascript>;
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