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I can't figure out what the underscore character does in an SQLite like statement. The wildcard character, %, is probably the same as in most other SQL databases.

So, what does the damn _ character do?

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The underscore is also the same as in most other SQL databases and matches any single character (i.e. it is the same as . in a regular expression). From the fine manual:

An underscore ("_") in the LIKE pattern matches any single character in the string.

For example:

-- The '_' matches the single 'c'
sqlite> select 'pancakes' like 'pan_akes';
-- This would need '__' to match the 'ca', only one '_' fails.
sqlite> select 'pancakes' like 'pan_kes';
-- '___' also fails, one too many '_'.
sqlite> select 'pancakes' like 'pan___kes';

And just to make sure the results make sense: SQLite uses zero and one for booleans.

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Thank you, mu. [extra chars] –  Francisc Sep 6 '11 at 20:36

It is standard SQL that in LIKE expressions:

  • % matches any string, including the empty string. It is equivalent to .* in a regular expression.
  • _ matches a single character. It is equivalent to . in a regular expression.
  • You can escape %, _ and the escape character itself with another character of your choice with:

     WHERE FOO LIKE 'a\_b_c\%de%' ESCAPE '\'

    which will match a_bdc%deFOO or a_b_c%de but not aabbccde.

Additionnally with SQLite you have the GLOB keyword which behaves exactly the same way, except that % becomes * and _ becomes ?.

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Thank you, Benoit. I chose the other answer judging by time only. –  Francisc Sep 6 '11 at 20:37
This saved my life. I was looking how to escape '%' in SQLite queries. But I had to give '\\' to get it working, not just '\' (I was working on Javscript+WebSQL). Below query worked for me. SELECT * FROM offers WHERE title LIKE '%50\\%%' ESCAPE '\\' (this will return all offers with title having 50%) –  hashcoder Mar 1 '14 at 9:07

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