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I have an old personal perforce server depot I had on my own machine. Now I have a full version of perforce in work and I would like to move some of my personal stuff into the new perforce server.

I know I can simply sync the old server and then add all the files newly into the new server, however I would like if possible to retain the history of my project changes. I appreciate the changelist numbers will have to change, however it would be great if I could get a script that will copy all the files and change from one depot to another.

Anyone know of a perforce script to do this?

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They provide a utility for combining Perforce servers that they call Perfmerge++. Details about where to get it and how to use it can be found here.

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Perforce support have tools to assist you with this task.

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Thankyou, I'll contact them. – Toby Allen Sep 6 '11 at 17:34

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