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Might be more for superuser. I'm trying to use xcode4 to write txt files for documentation but I'm having a problem with leading white space being trimmed off when copying and pasting between txt files. I can look in hexdump and see the 0x20's on the source but they get lost on the copy. In Preferences -> Text Editing -> Indentation, I have Prefer indent using: Spaces and Tab key: indents in leading whitespace. The problem doesn't happen on trailing whitespaces. Does anybody know how to keep these?


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In that same Preferences > Text Editing > Indentation screen, try unchecking the Syntax-aware indenting option.

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You can try to use Edit > Paste and Preserve Formatting in Xcode. I can see it in version 5.1 but can't tell if it was there before. There is a keyboard combination for it, too: Alt+Caps+Command+C.

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