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1] What is a good book/Resource for Java programmers coming to Ruby. There is a list of good books on other threads but is it recommended to read any particular for those familiar with Java ?

2] Is there a book/resource for creating extensible code in Ruby. Any Ruby design patterns ? Let me give some background. We have a bunch of "performance workload" [database oriented] shell scripts lying around. Its a pain to change or extend them, so we want to rewrite them in Ruby. I don't have any Ruby experience so I want to make sure that I don't end up creating un-extensible ruby scripts from the shell scripts !


P.S: This is not web development, that's why I did not mention Rails.

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Here is a link from the Ruby Language site:


You should benefit from much of this.

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This is sort of off topic, but once you have the basics down pat check out Eloquent Ruby and Metaprogramming Ruby. There are some great examples and good info on how to take advantage of Ruby to build better software.

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I recommend Design Patterns In Ruby. A really great intro to Ruby through the lens of design patterns(IMHO).

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