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I have a strange issue with android development. I tried to debug my program with real device (samsung gt5660). I downloaded drivers from the official site - Samsung Kies. Then I switched phone into debug mode. After that usb connection was restarted every few seconds, so phone shows notifications "connection... debug mode on" again and again. I tried different usb port, then shut down Win7 and start Ubuntu 11.04 - and have the same result there. It's strange because on the other PC this phone works fine and doesn't restart debug mode every second. Can anybody give an advice - what can I do to fix this issue?

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You shouldn't neet samsung kies to get ADB working. I experience a similar problem on my phone and I figured out it was simply a bad connector that would wiggle lose every few minutes.

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I think, your are right. Another samsung phone with another data-cable works fine. –  Anton Derevyanko Sep 7 '11 at 11:15

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