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I'm writing a web-app using Python and Pylons. I need a textbox that is rich (ie, provides the ability to bold/underline/add bullets..etc...). Does anyone know a library or widget I can use?

It doesn't have to be Python/Pylons specific, as it can be a Javascript implementation as well.


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There are several very mature javascript implementations that are server-framework agnostic:

The wikipedia article on Free HTML editors has a good overview, though note that not all are for application embedding.

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ExtJS's HtmlEditor was the best I found (license issues aside):


ExtJS is a bit heavy-weight, but that HtmlEditor was the most responsive and best-looking out of the box that I found. It's worth running the output through HTMLTidy, which there are python libraries for.

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webkit-gtk is getting very stable, and i believe has python bindings now so technically you could use that (then your text editor merely needs to be <body contenteditable></body> and you'd be done. Unfortunately i'm not sure how complete its bindings are at present

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