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I've got a problem when i try to install Symfony 2: I extract the content of the tgz file into var/www/html directory and then i go on and it says that i need to change the permissions of app/cache/* and app/logs/*. The problem is that I tried all the solutions in the doc

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Which solutions exactly did you try? Did you chmod those folders?

If your web server and command line user are different, that can also cause problems with those two folders. Check the docs for their umask solution and see if that helps.

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I tried to chmod them with root privileges. The acl command doesn't work because i get "Option -m: Invalid argument near character 3" error... I also tried to add the umask thing... –  Eros Sep 6 '11 at 19:04

I had the same problem and SELinux was responsible.

To figure out if SELinux is the source of your problem, turn it off by typing: setenforce Permissive on the command line. If the script works, then you have to configure SELinux properly.

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