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Yesterday I developed a little script (app), where I was able to upload photos to a specific album of a fanpage while visiting this fanpage (with installed app) as a fan.

Yesterday it worked - today it still works. But then I just copied the files and created a new app. The only difference is, that all files lay on another server. I granted following permissions with my fanpage admin account to the app: manage_pages, publish_stream and offline_access.

Now I just want run following code:

<?php $userAccounts = $facebook->api('/' . _ADMIN_ID . '/accounts');?>

But I get all time the error msg, that a user access token is needed. When I remove /account like:

<?php $userAccounts = $facebook->api('/' . _ADMIN_ID);?>

then it works without a problem and I get the admin informations. When I check my privacy settings, it says that I've granted the permissions that I mentioned above.

Here is the code I run until the error appears:


$facebook = new Facebook(array(
  'appId' => _APP_ID,
  'secret' => _APP_SECRET,
  'cookie' => true,
  'fileUpload' => true
$userAccounts = $facebook->api('/' . _ADMIN_ID . '/accounts'); 

Again: This app has the manage_pages, publish_stream and offline_access permission and without '/accounts' I get all information bout my admin-account.

Any help would be very nice.

Thanks in advance, Jurik

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Obviously when you are calling: $facebook->api('/' . _ADMIN_ID); you are getting the public info about that user just like calling:

You said that you granted the offline_access? so use the stored access token with your calls:

$userAccounts = $facebook->api('/' . _ADMIN_ID . '/accounts?access_token=' . $stored_access_token);
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What do you mean with "stored_access_token"? I got an app access token with "file_get_contents('…; . _APP_ID . '&client_secret=' . _APP_SECRET)" but it still says, that I need a "A user access token is required to request this resource." Btw, the $facebook->api()-Call to get the app access token returns all time null. I really do not get it. This app got the permissions (manage_pages, publish_stream and offline_access), I got app's access token and it still tells me bout a required access token :( – Jurik Sep 7 '11 at 10:09
Maybe my scenario is not clear: My fanpage admin account has granted following permissions "manage_pages, publish_stream and offline_access" and the app is included to this fanpage as a tab. Now user B visits this fanpage and clicks on the tab. Now, serverside, the app should get all account info bout the fanpage admin - but this doesn't work. – Jurik Sep 7 '11 at 10:22
Well - now I get an empty array - no error message anymore - when I do the call for '/_ADMIN_ID/accounts' ... I bet that's a FB bug. Because in my privacy options I can see that manage_pages is granted and there should listened 2 pages. Btw - is this access token, that I get with '/_ADMIN_ID/accounts' permanent? That would help me in this case too. – Jurik Sep 7 '11 at 10:31
And another misterious thing: my user b - that has no relationship with the fanpage admin gets an empty array ('/_ADMIN_ID/accounts') but user b is the owner of this app (no permissions granted). Now - user c - doesn't get an empty array, he gets an error that says "user access token is needed" ... I really do not know what's going wrong there at facebook. – Jurik Sep 7 '11 at 10:50
@Jurik, the first time the admin of the page authorized your app you should've "stored" his access_token for later use. You can ask the admin to access the page tab and save the access token if($facebook->getUser() == "ADMIN_ID") save the access_token, do this once to get the access_token and save it and after that remove that code. – ifaour Sep 12 '11 at 18:03

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