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I have recently integrated my Jira Server (4.3.x) with my Bamboo Server (3.1.x) and Subversion server (Collabnet 1.6.x). When I click on the build tab of a project on Jira, it only lists those builds that are linked with a project issue. But I have many builds that are not linked to any of my issues, therefore, those builds are not listed in the build tab of Jira. How can I tell Jira to list me ALL the builds of my project, not only those linked with project issues?

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There are pages on Atlassian's JIRA and Bamboo documentation wikis about doing this see: Browsing a Project's Bamboo Builds (JIRA 4.3 specific) and Integrating Bamboo with JIRA (Bamboo 3.1 specific).

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I've seen these pages before. As the first link mentions: "the list of the builds which are related to the project, i.e. builds that have issues from the project linked to them ...". This is the feature I do not like and wanna know how can scape from it? –  hsalimi Sep 20 '11 at 5:48
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It seems that it is not possible to list all builds of a Jira project performed by Bamboo, on the build tab of a project in jira.

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