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QString path = QDir::homePath();  // <-- "path" is always ""

Is this a new bug in 4.7.4? use to work well in 4.7.3

I’m on OSX Lion (4.7.3 worked on Lion well).

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The “Clear System Environment” probably cleared the HOME environment variable too.

Basically, QDir::homePath() returns QFile::decodeName(QByteArray(::getenv("HOME"))) almost unchecked. And that's an empty string, if there is no HOME variable.

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Hmmm It seems the problem is resolved if I don’t use the “Clear System Environment”. I unchecked it, then re-built and it worked fine. could it be the “SHELL” definitions? I can’t think of anything other than that that’s remotely related to this. I guess something caused Qt to have QT_NO_FSFILEENGINE defined and thus to return an empty string:

// from Qt source file: QDir.cpp

QString QDirPrivate()
    return QString();
    return cleanPath(QFSFileEngine::homePath());
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