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Would you recommend Amazon Web Services for a WordPress site or should I stick with using MediaTemple?

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The answer is: it depends. How granular do you need to get with your WP install? If you need to govern every aspect of your install and maintenance from a console or "super user" perspective then it makes sense to take on a AWS. However, most WP users do just fine via the thorough management tools that WP provide and can work just fine on a host like MediaTemple (or others). You'll also need to consider costs. I think that even with a cheap mini instance and moderate transfer, AWS is going to run you $20 a month - most WP hosts are considerably less than this. In most cases, I'd say that you're better off staying with someone like MediaTemple rather than getting down & dirty with a WP server and install.

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Thanks, this is exactly the level of info I was looking to know. AWS has some really neat bells and whistles and flexibility, but I don' think I'm ready to handle that level of responsibility now. –  Alexa Green Sep 6 '11 at 21:15

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