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i have an iframe which contains a page with a div that i use to load some graphs. Sadly IE wont find the div with the function document.getElementById, but firefox will do without problem. Any hint whats going on? Thanks

<iframe id="ganttFrame" src="data.html">


<div class="gantt" id="GanttChartDIV"></div>
  var g = new JSGantt.GanttChart('g',document.getElementById('GanttChartDIV'), 'day');
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are you sure you are trying to access the frame after the iframe is loaded? - also, IE has historically had a bug with getElementById() if there is an element higher up in the DOM with the name attribute with the same value... any chance you have an element with the same name before the iframe? –  scunliffe Sep 6 '11 at 20:51
Yes, i am trying to access the div inside the iframe. Checked twice, the name is unique. Thanks. –  Cesar Sep 6 '11 at 21:08

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I think you need to get the element like this since it is actually part of a separate window.

//                       ^^^get the iframe's document... the the ^^^^

or you could use (if your iframe has a name attribute set to ganttFrame):


In theory, each iframe could contain exact duplicate ID's because it is a separate document, thus to navigate to it properly, you'll need to get the iframe, then in that "window" get the child div.

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