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I have form with checkbox works fine, but when user submit form with errors and my checkbox is checked I need to change div class which hold checkbox. So I was experiment with {{ form.mycheckbox.data }} in template and it write False on page load. Now when user is click on checkbox and form have error it write on. So I was try:

{{ if form.mycheckbox.data == True }} doesn't work

{{ if form.mycheckbox.data != False }} doesn't work

{{ if form.mycheckbox.data == 'on' }} doesn't work

{{ if form.mycheckbox.data == on }} doesn't work


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I was make typo with div class name, =='on' works. Sorry –  Goran Sep 8 '11 at 19:31

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Use {% if form.mycheckbox.value %}. This will evaluate to true if the box is checked. For the opposite behavior, use {% if not form.mycheckbox.value %}.

Note the syntax is {% if ... %}, not {{ if ...}}. Percent-brackets are for commands, double-brackets are for outputting variables.

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In models.py:

class Article:
    published = BooleanField()

In the template:

 <input type="checkbox" name="published" {% if article.published %}checked{% endif %} />
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Django templates are evaluated on the server-side.

I think you want to look into JavaScript to check the state of your check boxes. Doing it with the templating language (especially the one included with Django) is a really bad idea.

Any processing / calculation should be done in the view function / class.

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