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Is there RSpec analogue for Groovy/Grails?

I found a few blog posts mentioning GSpec but there is not much out there.

Is built-in Grails testing framework as good as it gets in Grails?

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Grails offers various other testing frameworks through the use of plugins. For instance the Spock plugin simplifies testing using a very expressive natural language. You can find more information on Spock here as well.

Another popular testing framework for Grails is EasyB. It also has a plugin.

I would recommend you look at the various testing frameworks available, then see how they are supported by Grails.

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OPINION: It looks like grails-cucumber gives you more mature integration testing framework than EasyB. As for specs, both EasyB and Spock do an ok job. I like Spock more as you can define multiple contexts in the same file. –  user43685 Sep 7 '11 at 20:28

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