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I'm trying to get around an access control origin error for a web service by building a local proxy, but I'm not sure how to do it. The web service looks like the attached file, and is accessed directly by using the following URL:

How would I write something locally that carried out this URL's functionality?

I built a PHP file that will pull the web service URLs contents, but it doesn't seem to carry out the functionality of that web service:

    $op = htmlspecialchars($_GET["op"]);
    $proxyURL = '' . $op;
    die( file_get_contents($proxyURL) );

enter image description here

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The image shows you have to use a POST, which you can't do with bare-bones file_get_contents - it defaults to using a GET query. You'll have to use CURL, or set up a stream to configure and perform a POST.

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I am not sure about your intension of doing this.

you can use WSO2 ESB proxy[1] to send messages to the real service through a local end point. Or else you can create your own service by using WSO2 AS[2] and deploying a sample POJO as a web service.

[1] [2]

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