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My previous version of this question (self-deleted) went down like a lead balloon, so I hope this version is clearer as a question.

Background: Our website has a sign-up form which content forms a new project page for the user along with his account creation and user profile. The form is sent, data is entered into the appropriate tables and the new project page is then live immediately with all content bad/good/ugly shown publicly. We would like a moderation/pre-approval stage whereby the data is sent to the database as normal (and the user's logged in area shows their current projects and profile) yet we are notified of the new project content and are able to review it before activating the project itself for public viewing - is this possible? It'd be clearer possibly if you knew the actual website, but I expect there is an understable rule here to not advertise.

Question: Can you offer any suggestions, pointers or at least direction, for implementing a moderation/pre-approval stage for some data being sent to the database on this self-coded PHP based website? Many thanks!

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I believe you are looking for a workflow engine –  billinkc Sep 6 '11 at 21:58

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First you add acolumn that is called Approved. You want three states (approved, awaiting approval, and disapproved. (they can be integer values that match to a lookup table). YOu set the default value for awaiting approval.

Next you rename the table. Then create a view with the orginal table name that only looks at records where Approved = 1 (assuming this is the value for the Approved state).

Finally you set up a report or a job to query for unapproved records. Send the results to the approvers every 5-10 minutes. And give them a user inteface they can check and make updates.

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Some great answers here. So, let's say 0 is awaiting approval, 1 is approved and 2 is unapproved. How can I change the number to a word in the page output. Here is the current code: <td class='approval'>"($det[16])." –  JoeW Sep 6 '11 at 22:57
join to the lookup table or you could just store the word. –  HLGEM Sep 8 '11 at 14:37

One way to accomplish this would be to perhaps add a new field called reviewed which would be a bit. If it is 0 then it means the record hasn't been reviewed and just filter those out in the PHP. If it is 1 then show the record.

Another possibility is to make a new table which could be considered an intermediary table where data goes after submission but not into the actual tables. Then you would have to make a new php page where it could move the record from that table to the live table once it has been reviewed.

Really it sounds like you're looking for a system. This is something that needs to be built into the database as whatever system you're looking to incorporate.

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For each project created by user and published on public website there would be a unique ID in database. Whichever table has this ID can have another column with it which is called Approved.

By Default this column should have a value of 0. Once someone enters a new project this value would be zero. Now when someone creates a new project its approved column will have value 0. On your Server Side code that makes an insert into database you can use email or alert function to let the moderator know that there has been a new entry in this table obviously on a successful insert.

Second thing to do is list all the projects for moderator in a grid. I would be using JQgrid to do this and you can use anything even a simple two column table with project name and approved/disapproved values.

Moderator should be given a link/form/input field for each project so he can approve or disapprove it. This is similar to your user form but make sure this is only visible to your administration.

When moderator approves this project you will take the project ID and update the record in the same table and put approved equal to 1.

On the website where currently all projects are live instantly you will change the code to add a WHERE clause and check for only approved projects i.e their approve column has value 1. If you need to do massive updates you can give a function to moderator to do approve all as well.

Hope this helps. Many Thanks

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Just saw HLGEMs answer and I think having third status with awaiting approval and 0 = disapproved is a right thing to do then using a bit or just 0 and 1. It makes sense. –  Farrukh Subhani Sep 6 '11 at 22:03

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