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im trying to rewrite my post content with a plugin. The filter works when i call it from outside of the plugin class, but i am not able to make it work from the class itself. Here's a stub of the code:

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Try to make your render_grid method public explicitly. As far as I remember,it is required to do that for filter functions.

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there's no need in using reference &$this check the manual.

Calling filters this manner works for me:

add_filter('content_save_pre', array($this, 'render_grid'));

Also I am curious why don't you pass $content argument to your filter function?

public function save($post_id) {
    add_filter('content_save_pre', array($this, 'render_grid'), 10, 1);
function render_grid($content) {
    return $grid_content;

and another note from the codex:

the filter function must return a string after it is finished processing or the content will be empty

Hope this answer helps.

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