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I have a site where users upload mostly PDF artwork and would like to:

  • create a thumb of the 1st page, show it on successful upload
  • show progress bar
  • option to remove

Can anyone recommend a good approach, I realise it might need a mixture of jquery plugin and perhaps GD or imagemagick for PHP to create the thumbnail.

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I'd recommend Uploadify very strongly for this.

It's only drawback is that it uses a flash object so won't work if the user doesn't have flash. Other than that, it does everything you're asking for (except creating thumbnails, but I'm sure you'd manage to find a beforeUpload function somewhere that you can tack that functionality onto).

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Thanks, it does look to be the most polished I've seen so far. Pitty about it requiring flash player 9 or later but that may be ok. Cheers. –  gio Sep 7 '11 at 3:52

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