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having trouble trying to get a store locator to work in javascript only. i can get the data to load, but when i search for my location with mile radius set, it goes weird, any ideas? the original idea is from a website Click here but obviously it has bugs as it doesn't load my location. This is using google maps v3. Any help would be appreciated

    var StoreFinder = (new function(){        

        // config
        var showAllLocationsOnStart = true;

        // @PRIVATE variables
        var userAddress, markers = [],
            image  = '',
            stores = [
                        {lat:53.4577, lng:-2.2735, name:'Old Tafford, Manchester'},
                        {lat:51.4801, lng:-0.18991, name:'Chelsea Football Club'},
                        {lat:51.5551, lng:-0.1097, name:'Arsenal Football Club'},
                        {lat:53.4846, lng:-2.2027, name:'Manchester City Football Club'}

        /* Initialize GMaps ***********************************************/
        this.initialize = function(){
            var usCenter  = new google.maps.LatLng(52.5813,  -1.4446),
                myOptions = {zoom:6,center: usCenter,mapTypeId:google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP};

            StoreFinder.the_map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map_canvas"),myOptions);

            var storeCount = stores.length;
            for(i=0; i < storeCount; i++){
                var marker = new google.maps.Marker({position: new google.maps.LatLng(stores[i].lat,stores[i].lng),title:stores[i].name,icon: image})
                markers.push( marker )
                if(showAllLocationsOnStart){ marker.setMap(StoreFinder.the_map); }
        /* End Initialize *************************************************/

        // @PRIVATE
        function haversineDistance(p1, p2) {
            function rad(x) {return x*Math.PI/180;}
            var R = 3958.75587;
            var dLat = rad( ( );
            var dLon = rad( (p2.lng-p1.lng) );
            var a = Math.sin(dLat/2) * Math.sin(dLat/2) +
                    Math.cos(rad( * Math.cos(rad( *
                    Math.sin(dLon/2) * Math.sin(dLon/2);
            var c = 2 * Math.atan2(Math.sqrt(a), Math.sqrt(1-a));
            var d = R * c;
            return d;

        // @PRIVATE get distance between two markers (GMARKER OBJECTS)
        function getDist(marker1,marker2){
            var p1 = {, lng:marker1.position.Ba },
                p2 = {, lng:marker2.position.Ba };
            return haversineDistance(p1, p2);

        // @PUBLIC clear all markers, then display all store locations
        this.showAllLocations = function(){
            var storeCount = markers.length;
            for(i=0; i < storeCount; i++){
            var usCenter  = new google.maps.LatLng(52.5813, -1.4446);

        // @PUBLIC - geocode person's address (from form inputs), calculate distance to stores,
        //           then display those within X miles
        this.geoCode = function(userLocation,miles){
            var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();
            var _stores = markers; //@IMPORTANT: markers is the array of instantiated Gmarker objects (don't use the STORES variable)
                if(userAddress === null || userAddress === undefined){
                    userAddress = new google.maps.Marker({
                    userAddress = new google.maps.Marker({

                StoreFinder.the_map.setCenter( new google.maps.LatLng(, userAddress.position.Ba) );

                var storeCount = _stores.length,
                    results    = 0;
                for(i=0; i < storeCount; i++){
                    if( getDist(_stores[i],userAddress) < miles ){

                var str = results+' store(s) found within '+miles+' miles of your location'
                $('#results').empty().append( str );


            var location = $('#address').val(),
                miles   = $('#sl-miles').val();
            if(location.length > 5){ StoreFinder.geoCode(location,miles); }else{ StoreFinder.showAllLocations(); }

<body onload="StoreFinder.initialize()" style="padding:10px;">

<div id="store_locator_sorting">
    <label for="address"><span>A</span>
        <input id="address" name="address" />

    <label for="sl-miles"><span>Within</span>
        <select id="sl-miles" name="sl-miles">
          <option value="25">25 Miles</option>
          <option value="50">50 Miles</option>
          <option value="100">100 Miles</option>
          <option value="200">200 Miles</option>
          <option value="500">500 Miles</option>

    <button id="send" type="button" >Find</button> <span style="font-size:11px;text-transform:uppercase;cursor:pointer;">( <a onclick="StoreFinder.showAllLocations();">Reset Map</a> )</span>

<div id="map_canvas" style="float:left;width:750px;height:530px;border:5px solid #ddd;"></div>

<div id="results" style="float:left;"></div>

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Try using the and position.lng() methods instead of and position.Ba.

So your getDist function would be:

        // @PRIVATE get distance between two markers (GMARKER OBJECTS)
    function getDist(marker1,marker2){
        var p1 = {, lng:marker1.position.lng() },
            p2 = {, lng:marker2.position.lng() };
        return haversineDistance(p1, p2);

And in your geoCode:

StoreFinder.the_map.setCenter( new google.maps.LatLng(, userAddress.position.lng()));
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Thank you so much, that was exactly what i needed.... many thanks – Luke O'Regan Sep 7 '11 at 9:18

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