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I have an asp.net mvc application that uses web service. I have various controllers that use the model provided by the web service. The problem is that client and server-side validation cannot be used as the class is not defined in my web application. How should I go about adding validation to this class?


SomeController {
    someMethod(Service.User u) {
       if (ModelState.isValid) { // always valid as no annotations
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Create your own classes with same properties as the service class and add attributes as necessary and use AutoMapper to map property values b/w your class instance and service class instance. –  Bala R Sep 7 '11 at 1:37
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Create a View Model and use that:

public class UserViewModel()
    public int UserId {get;set;}
    //more properties

Then map it back to the Service.User in the controller:

public ActionResult SomeMethod(UserViewModel viewModel)

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