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So I have this page .html , .php, whatever, It's a page with my logo, some ads, menus etc. I want this page to show the image I want, Let's say I have /images/image1.jpg and I want to sent it to someone, but I want that person to see it in my website so I would so something like mypage.com/example.php(somecodehere?)/images/image1.jpg

And it would open example.php (or .html) with image1.jpg displaying where I had my code (let's say in the middle)

Any simple way to do this?


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You should use the $_GET to get the image:

www.exapmle.com/page.php?imagename=image1.jpg => simple example for the page.php code
   echo "<img src=\"{$_GET["imagename"]}\">";

Be aware that this is a dangerous code and you should always check the input from the user.

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You need to use $_GET[] in order to get the image path. Lets say that your link is:


Now, you need to get that img value:

$img = $_GET["img"];

Now you have the image that you want to display :)

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So, from my understanding you have an images hosted on your website that you wish to share with people via a link of some sort?

If so, the best way to do this is would be via GET variables. For example, if you had an image called : holiday.jpg, the link would be:


Therefore within your web page example.php (must have the .php ext) you would have something along the lines of :

    <title>IMG SITE</title>
    <div class="content">
     if(isset($_GET["img"])) echo '<img src="/images/directory/'.$_GET["img"].'">';


Be careful not to have slashes in your GET variable eg: /image/directory/holiday.jpg . Properly escape this by replace dashes with %2F

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