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I have worked with both the controls for simple application development . Both almost do the same functionality. What is the difference between them ?

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There is a table here that compares the data bound server controls:

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GridView always renders as a grid. Repeater allows you to create your own template layout. For instance, you can put things in divs. GridView also has a much more rich object model, while repeater is rather simplistic.

Yes, you can achieve similar results with both, but they are nowhere near the same thing.

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Not necessarily... GridView also supports ItemTemplate and other rendering tags. You can put things in div in GridView as well – Anurag Feb 1 '12 at 9:29

Both these controls are Data-Bound Web Server control.

GridView : It displays data as a table and has ability to preform sort, paging,edit and delete a record.

Repeater : has fewer templates then GridView. It renders a read-only list from the datasource.

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