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Just wondering I have a select box that when changed I want it to show the sub-categories of that select value. The part I need to some how do is only include values that have industry:1 I know how to do a live change and call this function, what I am not sure what to do, is how to do an IF statment to make it only show the industry that match the 1

function industrytype(e){
var industryselect = [
  {Code:1, industry:1, Name:"Automotive"},
  {Code:2, industry:1, Name:"Daily Needs"},
  {Code:3, industry:1, Name:"Fashion"},
  {Code:4, industry:2, Name:"For The Loved Ones"},
  {Code:5, industry:3, Name:"Health & Beauty"},
  {Code:6, industry:3, Name:"Home Maker"},
  {Code:7, industry:3, Name:"Jewellery"},
  {Code:8, industry:3, Name:"Restaurant & Cafes"},
  {Code:9, industry:4, Name:"Sports & Entertainment"},
  {Code:10, industry:4, Name:"Trade Services"},
  {Code:11, industry:4, Name:"Travel & Leisure"}

 var industrySelector = $('select[name=industry]');
    $.each(industryselect, function(index,industryselect) {
        $('<option />', {
            selected: e === industryselect.Code,
            value: industryselect.Code,
            text: industryselect.Name

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can you post an example of this would work in words? im not sure i get it – amosrivera Sep 7 '11 at 2:21
I solved my issue by using an if statement – RussellHarrower Sep 7 '11 at 3:15

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