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I am trying to search a tweets using search method in twitter4j with effects similar to this

Like this website, I want to display a tweets in real time twitter updates. I just want the tweets to be loaded in a similar manner. So how do i search tweets in similar to this website(

Please could someone show me a simple query examples.

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I'm assuming that you already know how to use the twitter4j examples. If you look at the file under "twitter4j-2.2.5\twitter4j-examples\src\main\java\twitter4j\examples\search", the following code will be relevant to you:

try {
    QueryResult result = Query(args[0]));
    List<Tweet> tweets = result.getTweets();
    for (Tweet tweet : tweets) {
        System.out.println("@" + tweet.getFromUser() + " - " + tweet.getText());
} catch (TwitterException te) {
    System.out.println("Failed to search tweets: " + te.getMessage());

For real-time updating like Monitter, you should encase this chunk in a loop that runs at regular intervals (check out Thread.sleep()). Next, you may want to shorten the number of results retrieved based on your frequency. For that, open up under "twitter4j-2.2.5\twitter4j-examples\src\main\java\twitter4j". The default Query for uses only a String argument, but you'll want to look at the setRpp() and setSince() methods.

I'm still new to this too so I can't be certain about it, but I hope my answer helps! I'd have commented instead but I don't have sufficient privileges.

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