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Hello I use rails3+mongomodel+mongodb.I can sort data by asc but I don't know how to order by desc

@article = Article.where().sort(['title'])

This code order by asc.if not use sort() data will select by create date.

How to order by desc

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This should work:

 @article = Article.where().order("title desc")
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I believe that something like this will work:

@articles = Article.order('title DESC')

When I do that I see the following query generated:

find({}, {}).sort([["title", :descending]])

So I assume it's using the mongo backend.

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Use below:

@article = Article.where(..your condition..).order_by(:title => "desc")
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@articles = Article.where(:order => title.desc)

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Now you can @article = Article.where().desc(:title)

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@articles = Article.where(...).order(:title.desc)
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