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I have created two more roles say A and B. I have radio buttons in the user_registration_form ,so that a user can select any one of the roles.

I have figured out how to assign a role to a user on successful registration. But the problem is , how do i let a user decide his role ? I am only able to assign either A or B using RULES module( the event-condition-action thing).

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Look at this module: Auto Assign Role. There is at least a dev version you can try, or maybe help develop. From the description it looks like it lets you either automatically assign a role to a user or let the user decide on her own. Good luck!

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Auto Assign Role have stopped the support –  qasimzee Feb 11 '13 at 12:09

Well, you can do it via hook_user_insert. this hook gets registration form submission, so you can update user account by adding desired role. for example:

$role = "chosen role"; // or any role name that you want the role id for
$roles_table = user_roles(); // loads the roles table into an array
$rid = array_search($role, $roles_table); // where $rid == the role id of the $role variable name.

then update user object.

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