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I've found what could be a glaring problem with Facebook, or it could be a misunderstanding on my part (hope it's the latter). I have an app that uses the graph API to post links to friends walls (friends of the user, that is). The problem is that if the friend comments on the post, the user is never notified of it. i.e. Facebook doesn't create a notification for my user that his friend has commented on his post. That's a significant issue if you're trying to build an app that focuses on link sharing! Important: I've checked my notification settings several times, and I have the most liberal settings but still do not get any notifications.

It must be that Facebook treats posts by apps differently. My questions are:

1) Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or is there some way to get these notifications of comments to work?

2) If this is an inherent limitation, is there a way that my app can pick up on comments in response to posts made by my app? I can probably save the post id and regularly check back for comments...but that sucks. A better way would be to subscribe to changes in the post, although it doesn't look like Facebook's real-time updates support this. Maybe I'm answering my own question.

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I'm facing the same problem. I had it when I was using the old REST API and I am still having it now with the new Graph API. Unfortunately, I, too, haven't found any solution or documentation on this behaviour. – eWolf Oct 16 '11 at 16:14
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Facebook has acknowledged that this is a bug. The bug report and response by Facebook can be found here. Facebook has assigned it as a Medium priority issue...

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Ha. Just like FB. Looks like they've deleted the bug.... – mobill Sep 27 '13 at 22:07

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