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<fieldset style="background-color:#5959DE">
<span> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Profile </strong> </a> </span>
<span class="profilee"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Friends  </strong> </a> </span>
<span class="profilee"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Pictures </strong> </a> </span>
<span class="profilee"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Updates  </strong> </a> </span>
<span class="profilee"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Messages </strong> </a> </span>
<span class="profilee"><a href="page2.html"> <strong>  Find     </strong> </a> </span> 
<input type=text size="20"/>
<span style="padding-left:2%"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Privacy</strong> </a>     </span>
<span class="profilee"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Availability</strong> </a> </span>
<span class="privacy"> <a href="page2.html"> <strong> Sign Off </strong> </a> </span>

The Problem Im facing is its working fine in mozzilla and iE but in google chrome the sign off is jumping to next line.

I have used

width:100%; width:100px; <!-- I mean I used % and px and em but none working-->

But still its not working. Why its jumping to next line in google chrome? How can i put it on one line even on google chrome?

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works fine for me in chrome 13 jsfiddle.net –  Benjamin Udink ten Cate Sep 7 '11 at 6:24
@Ben: jsfiddle.net/8nJe7 ftfy –  Mark Sep 7 '11 at 6:57

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Please update you question with some more details. How does the wrapper element look like? What properties does all classes have (class="privacy" etc). Also where have you tested the width:100%; width:100px; ?

I would guess that the problem is with the wrapper elements width, since all elements you have (span, a, strong, input) are inline elements. This means that all elements will behave as normal text in a document, fills one line until it's full then continues onto the next. This is if you haven't specified anything else in you css.

Could you provide a screenshoot?

Try increasing the width of the fieldset(maybe like 350px).

One last note. The fieldset element is to be used for defining set's of a form. Not to a menu, have a look here.

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Now its working I have made some changes as u suggested~ –  niko Sep 8 '11 at 6:29

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