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I have an app.It starts with activity A. Then we can go to activity B. When I minimize app and start the app from resent application, there is no problem (Activity B comes up). But when i minimize app and start app from menu (clicking on app icon), it starts from launch activity (Activity A), like app restarts.How can i prevent that..Pls help

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Well there is no 'android' general solution for this. You can mark it with some flags and prevent this , at least I do not know any flags. But the thing you can do is in your main (first) activity check some variable in shared preferences and start the activity B by your own.

you can save this needToGoToB in the shared preferences, for example when you enter in activity B you can set to be true.

if(needToGoToB){ startActivity(new Intent(this,B.class)); finish(); else{ //just normal flow }

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In B Activity
 // Save int  preference "pref" 0 for B as not destroyed.

 // Save int preference "pref" as 1 for B as destroyed.

In A Activity

 if (pref=0){
   //launch B Activity
   // Do nothing
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