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I'm working on a tagging system and I want users to be able to add and remove tags on the page. for each one thats added I am displaying a small div with the tag and an x to remove the tag. I have the adding functionality working, but I'm not sure how to go about making it so I can remove them. I also have a hidden input which should hold all the values so that when the information is submitted I can use it.

Heres my attempt that doesn't work:

function tagsremove(tag) {
	$('#hiddentags').val().replace('/'+tag+'\,\s/', '');
	$("#tagdiv-"+tag.replace(" ","_")).fadeOut('normal', function(){

		var tags = $('#tagsbox').val().split(", ");
		for (var i in tags) {
					$('#hiddentags').val($('#hiddentags').val() + tags[i] +", ");
			$('#curtags').append("<div class='tag'>" + tags[i] + " <a href='#' id='#tagdiv-"+tags[i].replace(" ", "_")+"' onclick='tagsremove(\""+tags[i]+"\");' >x</a></div>");

heres the html to go with it:

<div class='statbox'>
    <form method='post' action='post.php' id='writeform'>
    	<p class='subtitle'>Title</p>
    	<input type='text' name='title' id='titlebox' /><br />
    	<p class='subtitle'>Body</p>
    	<textarea id='postbox' name='body' rows='10'></textarea><br />
    	<p class='subtitle'>Tags</p>
    	<input type='text' id='tagsbox' /><input type='button' id='tagbutton' value='Add' />
    	<p class='subsubtitle'>Seperate by commas (eg. "programming, work, job")</p>
    	<div class='subsubtitle' id='curtags'>Current Tags:</div>
    	<input type='hidden' value='' name='tags' id='hiddentags' />
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Make each of your tag divs have a relevant ID. For, say, the "play pen balls" tag, your ID could be "tagdiv-play_pen_balls". Now you can just do

function removeTag(tag) {
    $("#tagdiv-"+tag.replace(" ","_")).remove();

to remove the visible div.

(I'm not sure if that's what you were asking for, though...)

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Instead of using .val('') you should be using .html('');


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i'm using val because i'm changing the value of a hidden input value in one case and a textbox in the other. –  The.Anti.9 Apr 9 '09 at 6:12

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