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I have user object hold datawindow , i need to open other window to search on it and make some operation then insert in datawindow on user object without close window.

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I think of two possibilities :

Direct access (quick and dirty) :

  • You could open the second window with OpenWithParm() and give the datawindow as argument.
  • In the open() event of that second window, you can get that datawindow via Message.PowerobjectParm
  • insert what you need to in the given DW.

Better way (decoupling the process and the GUI) :

  • add a dedicated method to the first window that accesses directly the DW
  • use OpenWithParm() with this as argument to let the second window who is calling it
  • get the caller with the Message.PowerobjectParm
  • call the dedicated method of the caller to add data into the DW
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More Thanks ,it work fine – PBDev Sep 12 '11 at 14:10

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