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In my application, i have Google Charts(Pie and Column).. While testing my app in IE 9 ,charts are missing 3D effects...

Used: google.load('visualization', '1.1', { 'packages': ['corechart'] }); when i use "corechart" only im able to see both(Pie,coloumn)charts in IE9.

If i use google.load('visualization', '1.1', { 'packages': ['piechart'] }); google.load('visualization', '1.1', { 'packages': ['columnchart'] }); in my app,im not able to see charts in used "corechart"..with this im getting charts in IE9 bt 3D effects missing..pls help

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its not due to IE, api is not supporting 3d functionality with corechars. see google release-notes Unsupported Options: 3D - Pie charts do not support a 3D version at the moment.

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