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Is there any way in Monotouch to read the current state on the phone or caller service?

Im trying to find some way of reading if a call is active or a call is on hold etc.

Googling on this haven't turned up anything.

Was looking to run some code snippet like:

if(CallIsActive) {

else {


My solution:

public static class CallHandler
private static CTCallCenter ctc;
private static NSSet calls;

public static void StartListening() {
    Console.WriteLine ("Callhandler is listening");
    ctc = new CTCallCenter ();
    calls = ctc.CurrentCalls;
    ctc.CallEventHandler = new CTCallEventHandler (delegate(CTCall inCTcall) {
            calls = ctc.CurrentCalls;


    public static uint CallCount {
        get {
            return (calls != null) ? calls.Count : 0;

    public static string GetCallState(int CallID) {
        CTCall[] callArr = calls.ToArray<CTCall>();
        CTCall call = callArr[CallID];
        return call.CallState;


Run CallHandler.CallCount to get current callcount and GetCallState(0) for first call etc.

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Anders, for the sake of other people looking for the solution on StackOverflow, could you answer your own question with your own post? – miguel.de.icaza Sep 9 '11 at 14:37
Ok, i post my solution when I get back to work! – Anders Sep 12 '11 at 7:18
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I think you're looking for the CoreTelephony framework. There is an Apple sample that covers it.

using block-based event handlers to receive call events and carrier changes.

You'll need to convert the code from ObjectiveC to C# (look for callStateToUser).

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This looks promising, to bad my Objective C skills are crap buy I think i will manage, will go over it tomorrow and if its portable i will mark ur answer as correct :) – Anders Sep 7 '11 at 14:31
You don't need to port the sample or even know much ObjectiveC beside looking at the API names being used and MonoTouch documentation, e.g. docs.go-mono.com/index.aspx?link=N%3AMonoTouch.CoreTelephony - I don't have an iPhone to test it but it looks like using a CTCallCenter, set its CallEventHandler to your (C#) delegate and look at the provided CTCall State property (and track its value). – poupou Sep 7 '11 at 14:50
Im trying to get it working but as far as I can see this isn't portable :/. I create an instance of CTCallCenter but trying to fetch CurrentCalls always turns up as null. And i cannot define the calleventhandler either, it just crashes. – Anders Sep 8 '11 at 7:19
pastebin.com/46zGjqRr Changed around some stuff to try and debug.. anyway all output: Callhandler is active No carrier null Could not map incomming calls? – Anders Sep 8 '11 at 7:22
nvm figured it out, thx for this!, had accidently taken a + when declaring the eventhandler :( and its null when having 0 calls, having a call when running the code made it work. – Anders Sep 8 '11 at 7:34

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