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I have some data that I want to present on the chart. the data is as follows:

  • Item1 -> value: 100
  • Item2 -> value: 5
  • Item3 -> value: 1000
  • Item4 -> value: 200
  • Item5 -> value: 350
  • Item6 -> value: 600
  • Item7 -> value: 30

For the presentation I want to use logarithmic chart (in order to see small and large values). How can I do this in WPF?

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You can use the visifire trial edition and do it easily ... CHART DESIGNER

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no I cannot, I want to use charting component from .NET framework 4.0 –  Piotr Ptak Sep 8 '11 at 8:39

I'm not sure if you solved your problem with the charting component in .NET 4.0 (it is relatively simple control so you may need to look at another offering -- be it commercial or open source).

Mindscape WPF Elements contains a lot of chart controls for WPF and does support logarithmic scale on the axis.

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unfortunately I cannot use third-party libraries –  Piotr Ptak Sep 21 '11 at 6:22

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