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I have couple of Receive and Send ports, they are working fine except one of them.

SO do we have nay way by which i can sort of debug or look the sequence in which the ports are excuted and get the details why that particular port is not working.

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Can you be a bit more specific please? The mose common Port issues are typically no subscribers found - if you are using Direct Bound ports (messagebox), a common way to debug these is to compare a suspended message with the filters set on the available subscriptions (New Query, Search for Equals Subscriptions) with the promoted properties on the failed message itself. AFAIK there is no guarantee on the order in which subscriptions are fired, this is generally undesirable as publish-subscribe should be as loosely coupled as possible (and subscribers oblivious of other listeners) –  StuartLC Jan 3 '14 at 15:04

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Turn on tracking on your orchestration. In the management console group hub look at 'tracked message events'. You can also view the progress within an orchestration. Right click on an orchestration tracking event and you can find orchestration debugger there.

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