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I'm wondering if there's a way to call a page from wordpress from the linux command line (without using wget).

I mean, what i want is to do something like this:

The command line : (call some php file and pass a relative url as parameter)

$ php /var/www/something.php /my_blog/last_post

The response :

<div class='post'>
    <!-- the last post content -->

I've been googling and looking in the Wordpress doc but i couldn't find anything.

Thanks for your time!

Note: If you're familiar with Cakephp, what i want is to do something like the Shell & Tasks but for wordpress


I've created a file in the root of the WP folder, called command.php:

// call the WP functions and stuff, according to the parameters

to call it:

$ php command.php my_args
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According to this support forum entry, there doesn't seem to be a CLI interface for WordPress.

There seems to have been a CLI theme but it is outdated and no longer under active development.

However, it should be possible to write a simple PHP script that includes wp-blog-header.php and fetches the content you need. I have never tried including wp-blog-header.php in CLI mode so I don't know for sure whether it will work, but it is definitely worth a shot.

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tested & works like a charm!! Thanks Pekka =) i've edited the question to show the answer –  pleasedontbelong Sep 7 '11 at 9:04

Yes, using wp-cli. Available commands;

wp core [download|config|install|install_network|version|update|update_db]
wp db [create|drop|optimize|repair|connect|cli|query|export|import]
wp eval-file
wp eval
wp export [validate_arguments]
wp generate [posts|users]
wp home
wp option [add|update|delete|get]
wp plugin [activate|deactivate|toggle|path|update|uninstall|delete|status|install]
wp post-meta [get|delete|add|update]
wp post [create|update|delete]
wp theme [activate|path|delete|status|install|update]
wp transient [get|set|delete|type]
wp user-meta [get|delete|add|update]
wp user [list|delete|create|update]
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