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I am using TLS to create session using node.js library. Node.js does it provide a way to retrieve session id of TLS connection established. It is part of SSL ctx in openssl.

Can it be done without using connect, express or geddy?

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You can't get the session_id but you can get the session itself for caching / resume purposes by calling conn.getSession() once the connection is established.

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Unfortunately I don't think that information is exposed from the SSL context for node connections.

You can access the node object representing the context as follows:

var con = tls.connect(..., ...);


Unfortunately, the only methods available on that object are setKey, setCert, addCACert, addCRL, addRootCerts, setCiphers and setOptions.

That said, with a little bit of C++ and SSL know-how and come copy/pasting, you could probably patch node's node_crypto.cc and node_crypto.h files to add that lookup without TOO much work.

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