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I have a ViewUserControl that will be used in some pages in my site, but not all.

This ViewUserControl requires a javascript file, so I would like to have the script reference added automatically to the head session of the pages that are using this ViewUserControl, is that possible?

I tried to add a content control to it, but looks like it is not allowed.

I could also add the script tag straight into the ViewUserControl's .ascx code, but then I will have the script reference added N times if I have N of such controls in a page.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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In the code-behind of the ASCX, register your script reference (or block). I just answered a similar question explaining how to do this:


With this technique, you can have the same control on the page multiple times, yet still include the script only once (and only on pages that actually include the control).

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A quick google gave this solution from a stackoverflow post:

Content place holder in the head of the master page.

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