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I have the following code:

    'email'   => new sfValidatorAnd(
            new sfValidatorEmail(array(), array(
                'invalid' => 'Enter a valid email address.',)),
            new sfValidatorDoctrineUnique(array(
                ), array(
                'invalid' => 'This email is already being used.',
                'required' => 'Required',

and when the email is not unique, it returns the following error: email: This email is already being used. But I don't want that email: in front of the message.
Is there a way I can stop showing the column name?

Can I get some help?

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This is a special of sfValidatorDoctrineUnique, so it may be necessary to test uniqueness over more than one column.

You have to override the doClean() method to prevent this line (at the end) :

throw new sfValidatorErrorSchema($this, array($columns[0] => $error));    

Further informations :

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I use this and it shows the column name when using sfValidatorDoctrineUnique – Rovinari Programming Center Sep 9 '11 at 8:45
Yes - you are right, the problem is caused by sfValidatorDoctrineUnique's doClean method here: throw new sfValidatorErrorSchema($this, array($columns[0] => $error)); Imho the only solution is to override this method. – domi27 Sep 9 '11 at 15:02

You can pass throw_global_error option to the sfValidatorDoctrineUnique, in order to throw your error and don't display the <column>::

  new sfValidatorDoctrineUnique(
    array('throw_global_error' => true, 'column' => 'email'),
    array('invalid' => 'Custom message')

Hope it's helpful.

Best regard.

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